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Energy Medicine to Integrate Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

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Hi! I'm Susan Hall

Hi! I'm Susan Hall

My journey in Energy Medicine began as a yoga student and instructor, as I learned how to direct the flow of energy in my body to stay grounded and calm. Those experiences inspired me to pursue training in Energy Medicine and other therapies, and to guide others in their search for wellness and balance.

Let’s face it, we’re all human and can be thrown off at times by life events large or small. We may experience anxiety about health issues, we may feel emotional, physical, or spiritual pain, or past trauma may leave us feeling lost, stuck or even hopeless. Energy Medicine teaches us how to reinvigorate our energy systems. By tuning into our hearts, bodies and souls we create greater wellness in all areas of our lives.

As an Energy Medicine practitioner, I am dedicated to helping people become their own best healers. I use open-hearted, intuitive listening and energy assessment to shift old patterns and open the flow of energy. My passion is to facilitate greater ease, better health, and balanced energy in your life.

You can tap into the well-spring of energy within your body; you can gain power and agency over your own life. Let's work together to bring balanced energy back to your life.

How can Energy Medicine help?

Like every living being, your body is a vessel of energy. Energy needs to flow, cross over, and weave into patterns for optimal, balanced health. Energy needs space—open pathways where it can move freely. Our energy patterns help us adapt to circumstances around us, but sometimes those patterns can become blocked. Toxins, stress, anxiety…even a negative conversation or watching the news can be enough to constrict energy pathways. Energy medicine is simply the practice of fostering the healthy movement of energy to integrate body, mind, and spirit.

In my practice of Energy Medicine, I use non-invasive techniques, rooted in ancient traditions, to help shift old patterns, and to restore balance and energy movement. After each session, you’ll feel centered and more energetically aligned. Together we’ll create a plan for home exercises to sustain that balance.

Contact me to learn more about how to get started.

How can Energy Medicine help?
Energy Medicine Yoga

Energy Medicine Yoga

If you’ve tried yoga, you know it’s more than just exercise. Each asana, or yoga posture, intentionally stimulates energy flow. In my Energy Medicine Yoga sessions, we blend energy medicine exercises and techniques with time-honored yoga poses—a combination that magnifies the benefits of both.

In this yoga practice, we develop mindfulness through meditation and breath. We strengthen energy systems as we strengthen muscles. We weave learning about chakras, meridians, and other energy systems into our awareness. The practice is designed to open the heart, still the mind, revitalize and balance energy in the body.

Join me for a group class, or contact me to schedule a private session.

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