Susan’s Story

Mindful intention and movement were a natural fit for Susan after experiencing a tumultuous childhood. Harnessing her own inner resources and searching for the support, teachings and mentoring of others became Susan’s pathway for transformation and healing. She found Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga and meditation in her 20’s were helpful ways to ground, calm, center and relax her during unsteady or chaotic times. She utilized yoga and meditation to help deepen her relationship to the self. This process of turning inward offered her the opportunity to grow spiritually and heal physically and psychologically.

Susan wanted to deepen her own understanding of healing, whole-hearted living and being embodied. She came to recognize that much of her life she “left her body” to avoid the pain and suffering that she felt. In 2010, she completed her first 200 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training which challenged Susan to break through barriers. This training furthered her physical practice, and studies of ancient philosophies of Yogic and Hindu Tradition. She completed a second 200 hr Vinyasa yoga instructor training. Susan has worked hard to let go of and heal the limitations she put on herself spiritually, physically and mentally. She has gained a greater understanding of yoga, mindfulness and how energy works in the body.

During this time of immersion in yoga teacher trainings and raising her four children, Susan spent a great deal of time as a seeker. Her studies and experiential learning opened her to conscious choice, personal accountability, living through the heart, and facilitating others in doing the same. Susan believes that the highest spiritual form of living a heart-centered life is through the act of being in service to self and others, aware and awake, accountable and by making moment to moment conscious choices.

The work of  Donna Eden and Jonathan Goldman were introduced to Susan in 2014. Feeling called by each two year program she committed to studying both methods of healing. The structure of these programs was highly compatible.  The comprehensive and extensive study provided Susan the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally into the healer, teacher and practitioner she is today.  Eden Energy Medicine teaches a wide range of hands on techniques, protocols and skills that assist in restoring balance. Susan’s work with Jonathan Goldman has trained her to acknowledge the Light, the ability to call and embody this Light with Integrity, humility and faith. Jonathan’s work deepened her ability to tap into and work with Guides, thought forms, discernment and intuition.

“Entering the world of your body’s subtle energies is a bridge into the domain of your deepest spiritual callings and your eternal essence.”  -Donna Eden

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