Living My Vision

I wasn’t sure where my life was heading when I went though the process of writing My Living Vision Statement some ten years ago.

I was attending my last seminar of Wing’s core series, Lifeworks. I hadn’t been much of a dreamer and didn’t think of myself as a manifestor. Who had time for that?

With four beautiful children and a busy schedule, I was living pretty much day to day -looking at what was right in front of me; the joys and responsibilities of motherhood and parenting; grateful to fit in the occasional yoga class, five mile run, skiing and biking with friends.

Opening my private practice I see, feel and understand how the Vision I wrote years ago has pulled me forward to where I am today – launching a business and website that is wholly aligned with my purpose.  Searching, claiming this vision and becoming clear created the greater broad strokes of my values, beliefs and purpose.

Confident in how I want to be, I intentionally and specifically carry that into what it is important to create and manifest. I trust in the process, have faith and leave the rest to powers greater than myself.

I love when I am inspired to share what I’ve learned, especially when it assists another – in being their best self, introduce ease, and bring health and wellness into their life reminding them that they are magnificent, whole and capable.

Being more of an introvert, I feel vulnerable sharing myself in a public way like this.  As my pattern for many years was to hold back, doubt myself, my abilities and my gifts. Do I live my vision all the time? No, not always. Though I do have moments of doubt, I am very grateful that I have the guidance of my clear vision that continues to pull me forward reminding me to align with what is most important to me and be in service to others.


I am aware, awake, accepting and expansive.  I embrace the moment and ride the waves of life as they ebb and flow, expand and contract.

I choose to see the unfolding of God in people. I participate fully and consciously in the lives of my children, partner and friends while I lovingly set boundaries.

I am intentionally  developing at the same time autonomy and intimacy. In developing autonomy, I set myself towards achieving my dreams. I am independent from the opinion and approval of others.

I am inspired when I see myself living from my heart and know that I am magnificent, worthy and whole.

I have compassion for my life story and I choose to live in the here and now.

I am healthy, fit and nutritionally conscious. I challenge myself physically and I listen to my body.

I create and share abundance.

I appreciate nature and beauty and I take care of this planet and it’s resources.

I generate consciousness through activities in my life through others as well as ‘just being.’

I am a fearless traveler.  I spend time in places that open and nourish my heart, mind and soul. I celebrate diversity and am curious about other people and their ways. I am a life learner seeing through fresh eyes. I welcome the unknown.

I create time, energy and compassion, have an open heart and mind so that I may be in service to myself and others.

I listen to and strengthen my intuition. I practice forgiveness on a daily basis.

I am grateful and in awe of life’s wonders and mysteries. I know that I will never be duplicated.

I am eternal life and love.


Susan Hall

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